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Dear Customer,

If you choose to have the purchase being pick-up by the forwarder of you choice. Please notify us by leaving you account number from you forwarder at the "remarks field" at step 4 of the check-out procedure.

The transport costs are displayed on your invoice.
The Customs duty are being charge to you.
By using a customs tariff code for you shipment you can inform Customs what the part is and will be used for, this can prevent additional Customs duties.

DDP, seller is responsible for all shipping costs and duties made from door to door.
Please notify us by leaving your account number from your forwarder at the “remarks field” at step 4 of the check-out procedure.
Warranty only for new parts and above €1000. Maximum 1 week after arrival. The item should be shipped back before day 7, AWB needs to be provided and pick-up date is leading.

Ascent-tec Europe B.V.

Ascent-tec Europe B.V. is specialized in finding parts for legacy as well as more recent tools which are used in the semiconductor industry, I dare to say we can find spare parts for nearly any toolset. Our network is worldwide, we hold representations from suppliers out off Korea, Japan, USA. If you are looking for spare or second source parts please contact us. We offer several solutions for surplus and obsolete parts


ASCENT-TEC Europe B.V.Chamber of commerce: 17157886Roggeweg 186534 AJ NIJMEGENThe NetherlandsCall us at +31 (0)73 – 623 5900[email protected]


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